Submission Tracking

ARS PV is an advanced reporting system in the market that is able to cover the complete regulatory landscape, meeting global regulatory compliances, enabling ICSR Processing’s, Effective literature mining and case creation, Tracking E2B XML Submissions for the followers of ICH standards. Clients from diverse regions using ARS PV solution with expectation to assure adherence to such areas; one of them is Submission tracking system powered by ARS PV a recognized regulatory product by Yuva Infocare Pvt Ltd. We were addressed by our client to have an effective track and analysis of submission of reports and automate the process using a robust system using unified technological platform.
Submission tracker in ARS PV helps you to monitor the submissions in all the formats i.e E2B XMLs, CIOMS, MedWatch,etc made to regulatory by defined user access. Compliance reports are there in place to monitor and analyze your submission actions performed within ARS PV database/system.
How ARS PV Submission tracker supports your need
  • Submission compliance report is there in place to assist you keep track for all the timely and delayed submissions made through ARS PV.
  • Detailed description for delayed submissions can be kept in record to face any audit challenges.
  • There is an option to select appropriate project details based on either Submission country, AE origin country or Source country to suit client’s submission methodology.
  • Submissions rules are and can be updated from time to time meeting compliance and for any updated compliance.
  • Generation already submitted reports (CIOMS, XML, MedWatch etc.) for sharing, review, archival etc.
  • Submission track report can be maintained & generated on both User and County wise submissions occurring/made through ARS PV.