MedDRA Management

MedDRA is the language of communication among pharmaceutical manufactures, regulators and CROs. Therefore, new tools and skills are required. It is strongly recommended to use ARS PV MedDRA Management tool to implement a coding tool which answers the internal coding and dictionaries related needs. The main objective of performing medical coding is to have the medical terms interpreted uniformly and in a standardized format; hence medical coding is required to be completed by using standardized medical dictionaries.
MedDRA auto-update helps you speed up overall coding process with each MedDRA version update ARS PV enables you to be updated with MedDRA upgradations, an integrated auto MedDRA coderer facilitates you with the objective. ARS PV simplifies your task by allowing you to perform auto-upgrades in ICSRs by updating/Assigning the newer version of MedDRA to the client or into the database using MedDRA Management tool in the database (Inbuilt).
How MedDRA Management supports performing MedDRA Auto Upgradation/Coding
  • Whenever MedDRA version is upgraded, auto update of MedDRA version can be applied using ARS PV MedDRA Management tool.
  • MedDRA auto upgrade function helps eliminating errors while re-coding without putting in manual efforts.
  • Focuses on saving your time and efforts.
  • MedDRA auto update tool is user friendly access for the user to perform without owning any technical support.
  • Manages MedDRA dictionary updates with accurate audit trail.
  • ARS PV MedDRA Management tools enables you to quantify the impact analysis on data before implementing a new version of dictionary